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 Hells Spawn Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Hells Spawn Code of Conduct   Hells Spawn Code of Conduct Icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2009 4:02 pm

The Hells Spawn Code of Conduct

Hells Spawn is first and foremost a place where anyone and everyone is welcome. We offer a community within a community, and a place where you can relax and enjoy the game at your own pace, and in your own style.

That being said, we do have to impose some requests on you with regards the way you behave in game, towards both other guild members and other players outside of the guild. These are necessary to ensure that Hells Spawn maintains its reputation as one of the friendliest guilds in Shaiya. Members of the guild have worked very hard to ensure that everyone knows we are not about being leet and having all the best equipment, and grinding 24/7, but that we focus more on the enjoyment aspects of the game. To ensure that this focus remains, we have to ask the following of all our members.

I know it’s a long read, but I would ask that you take it all in. It is mostly common sense, and if you try to act towards others as you would like them to act towards you, you won't go far wrong, and will find a welcoming home in Hells Spawn.

Kill Stealing:
First and foremost, kill stealing is not acceptable. Sure, everyone makes mistakes and accidently kills somebody else’s mob, but if we find that it has been done deliberately, or with malicious intent, then it will be dealt with severely. If you aren't sure what qualifies as kill stealing then ask. Ignorance is not an excuse unfortunately, and you won't get into trouble for admitting you aren't sure what it means.

If it is proven that you have deliberately KS'ed someone, regardless of your reasons or motivation for doing so, your stay in Hells Spawn will be terminated with immediate effect.

Power leveling?
While it's always nice for most people to get a boost of exp from plvl once in a while, do not spam the guild chat with requests or demands of plvl. Never expect anyone to plvl you just because you are too lazy to get exp in a normal party.

If we see you continuously begging for plvl, gold or items in any chat (guild chat, pm's, party chat, area chat, trade chat, normal chat) you will get a warning, and if the behavior continues you will be removed from the guild without further ado.

Selling in Guild?
We would ask that you refrain from selling in guild chat. For the most part we try to give away items for free to those who need them however we understand that you may have paid a lot for your legend equipment or your drop limited weapon, and wish to receive something in exchange. This is why we have a barter board on this website, please use it. We would however ask that you gave first priority to guild members who need the item and offer it at a discounted rate, rather than selling on the public market for full price. We are all brothers and sisters and must help one another as much as we can.

If you repeatedly post in guild chat that you are selling an item, or asking if anybody wants to buy something from you, you will be asked to cease. If you have something and want to know if somebody in guild needs it, ask by all means, and then PM them if you wish to trade / sell it to them. Guild Chat should be kept clear of bartering as much as at all possible.

We ask that you party with other guild members as much as possible. This doesn't mean you always have to be in a party, as we of course know that sometimes it's just nice or most convenient to solo for a while. When in a party we would though ask that you consider allowing a Hells Spawn member into your party if they ask, even if it means a reduction in your EXP gain. Remember that we are a family and as such we have to work together. We do not look kindly on people who put themselves first to the extent of denying another guildmate EXP. We also actively discourage discrimination by class. Every class has a use, and we would ask that regardless of class, you consider inviting other members into your party if possible. We understand that a 6 man party without an oracle, could need an oracle if at all possible, but a 3 man AoE party refusing to take a hunter from the guild is unacceptable.

Finding Parties in Guild:
If you do wish to party, we ask that you don't just spam the guild chat over and over every 30 seconds asking for a party. Give a little more information. What level and class are you? What kind of party are you looking for? Lapis farming? PvP? Grinding? 50+ lanhaar? These are all things that you should include. "52 HM Hunter wants to PvP... Anyone else interested?" is more likely to get you a party then "I need party pls." As I said, post one message and then wait. Spamming just annoys people.

If you don't get a response, it doesn't necessarily mean nobody wants to party with you. Check the guild listing, and see if there are any players on around your level, then whispering them asking if they want to party. While we ask people to leave guild chat on, sometimes guild chat and party chat are so active, that members do switch off guild chat. We accept and understand this. So try whispering before you say how much the guild sucks because nobody ever parties!

Likewise once again, when whispering somebody, remember they may be very busy at that moment in time, so give them a while to respond before you whisper again. They may be AFK as a player market, or they may be mid pull, or they may be in the middle of a PvP fight. Be patient and understand that not everyone responds instantly. This is true of the Leaders as well. Chances are they will get back to you, but it may take a minute or two.

If you try all of the above, and receive no response, then by all means look outside of guild for a party. Try asking those players around your area, or asking on trade chat. We don't forbid you to party outside of guild, we just ask that you try to party with Guildmates if at all possible.

Mature Language:
Yes this is an 18+ game, but please, we would ask that you refrain from using vulgar language, and that if you must use it, please use it sparingly. It isn't big or clever to swear every 3rd word, and to a lot of people it is actually very rude. We would ask that you respect that even though it is an 18+ game, there may be minors playing. This also refers to unnecessary comments relative to race, ethnicity, sex or gender. These are unacceptable, and may well be grounds for instant removal. We will not tolerate discrimination against anybody, and we certainly will not tolerate people joining just to hit on every girl in the guild.

Repeated breaching of this rule is grounds for warning and further action as deemed necessary. Not everyone wants to know that you learned a new swear word today.

Remember to check this website regularly for the latest guild news and updates. There may be event news on here or important information you may need to be aware of, including in game rule changes which a lot of people may be unaware of.

When PvP’ing, we would ask that you commit yourself to the cause. Yes you will die, and probably lose experience, but then so will your comrades. You may very well be in party with an Ultimate Mode character, so every time they die, they will be losing a lot of gold, and possibly real money. Cries of "OMG this sucks I lost 5%" aren't really appreciated. PvP is a part of the game, and we won't force you to PvP, but we would ask that when you do, you remember it is a game, and enjoy it, rather than being negative and quitting if you die.

Also, while a bit of sledging in game is good fun, baiting the enemy and such, please do not resort to shouting a stream of expletives. Not only does it make you look stupid, but it is grounds for a ban if someone reports you for it. By all means, bait them and annoy them, but don't go overboard.

Ultimately, if you don't want to get killed by the opposite faction, don't come to PvP areas. We don't force people to PvP, so there is no pressure on you to come along, but if you want to, then be tolerant and understand that some days it will be your day, and other days it will be the lighties day.

Guild Chat:
Please try to be active in guild chat. We are proud of the friendly community we have in Hells Spawn, and we are always looking to expand it. Take part and really get a feel of what it is like to be a part of a good guild. We aren't asking you to constantly talk, but if you are waiting for mobs to respawn, or if you are travelling somewhere, just say hi. If you are shy, remember chances are you will never meet the people you are talking to so there is no harm in joining in!

Also we would ask that you try to leave guild chat on at all times. We understand that there are times when you may wish to turn it off, because the chat does flow very fast when there are a few people on, but we ask you to leave it on if at all possible in case there is a guild wide announcement.

Issues with other Members?
Remember that the guild is proud of its legacy, of being a tightly knit unit. Everyone enjoys playing because everyone is allowed to play at their own pace. We don't enforce leveling targets, nor do we demand that you play 20+ hours per day in a certain way. Everyone is left to their own devices, and we would ask that you respect that some people suffer from poor connections, or have to do other things and go AFK a lot.

That being said, if you have an issue with somebody else in the guild, we would ask that you took it up privately with them. We do not want an argument splattered across the guild chat. We have had them before and any further ones will be dealt with severely. We are all mature enough to resolve our differences amicably, so whisper the person in question. The Guild Leader and officers are there to resolve differences if the two parties are unable to, however we are not here to babysit or hold hands. You will be expected to be mature enough to take care of yourself, and only if no compromise can be reached should you speak to the Guild Leader. If the Leader has to make a decision, both parties will be expected to abide by it. If you don't like the sound of that, make sure you come to a compromise and be open and willing to give and take a little in your debate / discussion.

Issues outside of Guild?
With regards your conduct towards other players, we ask that you remember that if you break any of the Shaiya terms of service, or the ethics guide, you face the prospect of being reported and possibly banned. This not only reflects badly on you (as you can't play for a while) but it also deprives the guild of a member for a length of time. With that in mind, as well as how your actions are reflected on the guild, regardless of how others act towards you, we ask that you refrain from retaliating, instead ignoring them or if need be, reporting them to a GS or a GM. Hells Spawn will back and defend its members, but we don't have a leg to stand on if somebody has a screenshot of you cussing somebody out, regardless of what they did.

Remember the expression "Two wrongs don't make a right". If somebody wrongs you, much as it may get to you, retaliating in any kind is not the way to go. Report them, or move on. Yes it sucks, but it is better to raise above their petty actions than join them in the gutter.

We would appreciate it if you kept all your characters within the guild. This way it is much easier to recognize when you are on and the role you are playing. If you have active characters in other guilds, then so be it, we won't kick you for it, but we would ask that you ensure your characters in Hells Spawn remain active too. We do not want "shop" characters or "farming" characters in guild, if their main is in another guild reaping the benefits of having an alt in Hells Spawn.

Leader group Authority:
Any member of the leader group (guild master and officers (ranks 1-3 in the guild list)) can be approached with a problem, and they all have almost the same authority as the guild master. Thus we would ask that you respect their decisions and follow their orders as and when requested to.

The leader group members are listed on the relevant page on the website, so there is no excuse for not knowing who they are. They are authorized to lead the guild in the absence of the guild master, and as such can deal with any issues that arise while the guild master is offline.

Conduct once in the Guild:
Remember that once you are in the guild, every action you take is representing Hells Spawn. People are going to judge you and they are going to judge Hells Spawn by how you act. We ask that you do not do anything that may bring the guild name into disrepute. The damage one minor act can do to a guilds entire reputation is huge, so we ask you to be vigilant, and ask that you act towards others in a way that portrays both yourself and the guild in a good light.
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Hells Spawn Code of Conduct
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